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2014 & 2016 Trips on Gray Hawk
Two different trips, two years apart.  Hundreds of photo memories of whales, eagles, bears, puffins, seals and scenery.  
Life in Buchanan
We're pretty content here in our hideaway in eastern Saskatchewan. 
Living in Buchanan
Living Onboard Gray Hawk
The Great Garage Caper of 2015
Pix From Afloat
When we moved into 515 it came with a pokey little 2 car garage on the back of the property.  I convinced SWMBO that I needed a much improved "shop" and she agreed.  Little did she know what she was in for.  My grand scheme called for raising the roof and adding onto both ends of the existing building.  I may have been  money and time ahead by just demolishing the old building and starting over but that didn't appeal to my sense of conservation and I would have felt guilty putting all that stuff into Buchanan's (already overflowing) landfill.  
This area is a catch all for pictures that don't fit anywhere else.  Sometimes I see something that I just want to capture and sometimes I'm just screwing around with the camera.  We get a great variety of light onboard. Some days are flat and gray, other days we have high contrast bright sunlight.  In the summer I'm not always up early enough to see sunrise but I can usually count on seeing sunset.  I think I'm past the stage in life where I have to photograph every kitchy sunset that I see but occasionally I still like the colours.