Bob and Marilyn's Weblog
Christmas 2015
Oh dear, another year has gone by and here we are trying to remember some important accomplishment from the last 12 months. Some of us are approaching the age where just surviving another trip around the sun is accomplishment enough! 
For the Bader-Evans household it was a short boat year. We stayed on the prairies until mid-January because Marilyn was filling in as village administrator, and came back right after Easter. In between we spent a quiet couple of months floating around Desolation Sound; rewarded by the company of more orcas than we’ve seen in the previous 4 years combined.  When people ask "What do you DO on your boat?" its hard to explain that just floating around, enjoying the experience and watching the wildlife sometimes is adventure enough.
It was a good summer on the prairies but it seemed to fly by. As has become usual for us, we spent much of it in our 5th wheel, travelling around the province with Bob’s work. Even so, we do have a lot to show for our efforts in Buchanan – new shingles on the roof, completely repainted interior on the house at 515, new shop at 515, landscaping started, a raspberry patch at 210, barn/storage shed renovations at 210.  
Last spring we decided that the Malibu Response ski boat which created so many wonderful memories when the kids were young wasn’t doing any good sitting in the yard at 210 where it had been for 3 years. Counting the year it sat in BC before we moved it back to Buchanan it hadn’t been wet for 4 years, which seemed like a crime, so we passed it on to the next generation, and the boys got plenty of use out of it. It felt really good to see it getting used after all those years of sitting. 
Marilyn has settled comfortably into being a member of the Buchanan community. After her stint as the relief village administrator she has continued to serve as the community newsletter editor. That keeps her completely in the loop for everything that is going on in the village. Even when we’re on the boat 1000 miles away from Buchanan, once a month she figures out everything that is happening and writes it down for the current administrator to put in everyone’s mailboxes. It’s really a challenge to fit everything on just a double-sided sheet . . . Buchanan is such an active community that continues to delight us with options for keeping busy. 

Marilyn has also discovered that she is a pretty good artist. There’s a very active group of painters in town who meet twice a week at Club 50. This fall, in addition to their first ever show and sale, they created greeting cards featuring several of the members’ paintings as cover art. This is her favourite to date.  

Bob is still the go-to guy for the mayor when the grader breaks down. Our mayor takes his duties very seriously – to the point of changing the oil or fan belt on the village grader and running the snowblower that clears the sidewalks. When he gets in over his head he calls for help which can include changing hoses or repairing hydraulic cylinders. Now that we have a usable shop at 515 some of that work ends up on the workbench here because the village shop is woefully ill equipped with tools.

The village shop however is heated and ours isn’t (yet) so that’s a strong argument for repairing the grader over there once it gets cold outside. 
This letter makes it sound as though we’ve had a fairly busy year, which we have. We’ve both also managed to rustle up a fair amount of contract work, which we’ve woven into our days. Right now we’re looking forward to another Alaskan adventure. We plan to leave Sidney around the end of January and work our way north so that we arrive in Ketchikan around Easter. Our trip two years ago was a reconnoitre – this trip we will return to the places that we want to see more of and skip other things entirely.  Petersburg didn’t do anything for either of us so we won’t likely return; Rocky Pass on the other hand felt like we needed to spend more time so we’ll definitely go back. We have both upgraded cameras and binoculars and can’t wait to get closer shots of whales, grizzlies, eagles sitting on the beach and particularly those wonderful little sea otters that swim together holding hands in a big floating circle. 
We are sure hoping that this note finds you healthy and happy and looking forward to a happy, healthy next year. Perhaps our paths will cross and we can visit face to face. 
Keep in touch!